Two Bands!

We had GREAT music lined up for this year’s Bash! If you see these fine musicians performing Facebook live concerts, for tips, please support them. We might even have some news to share about some performances during the Virtual Bald Eagle Bash! Stay tuned!

The Underhill Family Orchestra, native to the Alabama delta, has been described as “outright anthemic,” taking their compositions to “idyllic places” that make you want to “paint your face, forget your age, and kiss a stranger.” With “the bare knuckled nature” of their sound and their command of the “intricate, melancholy and densely literate” themes in the songs they create, they invoke a “sense of riot” with their arm-swinging, foot-stomping, Appalachia-inspired sound that makes effort to “infuse sheer pop catchiness into rootsier, grittier elements” made up of sultry and soulful 4-part vocal arrangements. Theirs is a unique take on the southern sound for which Alabama is known. Their album, Tell Me That You Love Me, is available for streaming and download on ALL major platforms.

The Underhill Family Orchestra is:

Roy DurandDrums, Loops, Vox
Ben CookGuitar, Mandolin, Vox
Joelle RosenAux Percussion and Vox
Joe Grove – Bass, Wobbles, and Vox
Steven LaneyGuitar and Vox 

The Marlow Boys

Cousins Joe and Karl Langley (of the Kyle & Karl Band) grew up around Marlow, a small community on the Fish River in Baldwin County, Alabama. They have performed together since their teenage years, singing and playing a wide variety of music and venues. In 2014, they began creating music with Stan Foster (Rollin’ in the Hay, Deluxe Trio) and Phil Proctor (Dog River Boys, Deluxe Trio) at Mars Hill church in Fairhope, Alabama. The following year, the four of them started performing outside of the church and collaborating on original music. That music is both personal and universal, acoustic and electric, serious and, well, you get the picture. Someone summed it up when they said “The Marlow Boys: Good people, good music.”