About the Bash

The Bald Eagle Bash is the most important fundraising event of the year for the Weeks Bay Foundation. The Foundation is a nonprofit land trust that works to protect the wetlands of coastal Alabama and educate the public about the importance of these resources.

The Bald Eagle Bash was started in 2010 as a way to bring the community together around local seafood, local music, and local conservation efforts. It really is a party for preservation.

Why Should You Sponsor?

  • Did you know that Weeks Bay is listed as an Outstanding National Water Resource? With your sponsorship, the Foundation can continue to protect important habitat around the Bay, keeping it beautiful for future generations.
  • Your sponsorship will help us continue our mission of conserving undeveloped land that is home to endangered species, such as the Red-bellied Turtle and the Gopher Tortoise.
  • Your sponsorship helps us support the Weeks Bay Reserve’s research and education projects, which focus on how to better take care of our coastal waters.

If you or your business are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner for this event, please fill out the attached sponsorship documents and forward them to the Weeks Bay Foundation office. You will find contact information on the sponsor documents. If you have questions, please call us at 251-990-5004.

BEB Sponsor Form – 2018